NEODESMO Rules and Guidelines


We do not have a board or officers but will appoint passionate Volunteers.  We have decided on this architecture to 1) keep our administrative time and overhead costs low, and 2) allow for quick decisions and changes as needed.   We are an Official DOC and our partner Ducati dealership is Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph in Akron.  
NEODESMO is a member driven rather than member runclub.  Our experience and the advice of other clubs prove to us that this is the most successful format.  We consider it a living club that is easily adaptable as it grows.  The purpose of NEODESMO is to organize regular, fun community gatherings at different destinations and provide a wide variety of get-togethers on its Events Calendar to its members.  We encourage all input.  If you would like to see an event/activity added to our event calendar, submit it for approval/planning via
We are now charging $10/year for membership to cover shipping and handling of Ducati’s membership kits which are shipped to our house from Italy.


  •   Membership is $10/year and open to anyone that is passionate about the Ducati brand.  Present ownership of a Ducati is not required and members are not required to ride their motorcycle to any event.
  • A person is considered a member when they have submitted a completed membership form and signed our release of liability waiver.  
  • No minors (under 18) are eligible for membership.  
  • All members must have a valid motorcycle endorsement.


  • Passengers:  All passengers must sign our Release of Liability Waiver.  Absolutely no minors may ride passenger on any motorcycle to any event at any time unless they are 2up with their parent.
  • Members engaging in unacceptable behavior during club events/activities may have disciplinary action taken against them by NEODESMO,LLC or its appointed volunteers, including, but not limited to, ejection/exclusion from club events/activities, membership suspension, or membership revocation. Bases for discipline may include, but are not limited to: grossly improper social conduct, including offensive language or gestures; lewd conduct; harassing or threatening of other club members by any means; verbal or physical conflict with another person; intentional efforts to damage the Club’s reputation or subvert its purposes or interfere with its regular functioning; any behavior that violates law; or unsafe operation of a motorcycle on Club rides or other events, including operating a motorcycle under the impairment of alcohol or drugs.
  • Alcohol is frowned upon at a club event if you are riding your motorcycle.  If you are deemed impaired by any member, you will not leave with the group.  One drink per hour is considered a maximum amount and remember that two wheels and alcohol don’t mix.  
  • Do not touch or sit on another member’s motorcycle without express permission from its owner to do so.
  • Any Ducati dealer or third party has the right to ask any Club Member to leave at any time for any reason.  We are grateful for all of our partners and demand respect for their property and staff from our members.  


·         NEODESMO, LLC will NOT organize group rides, we will organize destinations (such as “Ducs at the ‘Bucks” and monthly dinners).  If, however, a group of members organize a ride on their own, even if an Owner or appointed Volunteer is present, that is not a Club function or Club organized ride. Common sense must be exercised in riding in such groups.  For example, the leader is responsible to stop and check that all riders are comfortable with the pace. If a novice rider goes out with an expert or intermediate group of members, and doesn’t feel comfortable at that group’s pace, they should notify the leader at this first stop that they are aborting the ride.  Members can utilize our Google Group to plan small group rides.  Groups should be limited to no more than six bikes, more than that should start over with a new group (leader and caboose).

·         IF YOU HAVE NEVER RIDDEN IN A GROUP – PLEASE contact us to schedule a time to ride together so we can go over all of the guidelines and practice.  Please take a motorcycle safety course if you haven’t already.
·         Absolutely no horseplay will be tolerated.  Both wheels on the ground at all times.  Any member riding in a group is expected to follow group riding guidelines and use appropriate hand signals.  Ride with a group that suits your skill level and do not pass the leader of your group.   No passing in any turns, only on straights.  All riders are expected to have appropriate gear, HELMETS ARE REQUIRED.  All riders are expected to ride at their own pace and comfort level and use their own judgment when making traffic flow decisions (do not assume an intersection is clear of traffic because the person in front of you proceeded).  
·         Please visit the Group Riding section of our website and review the video and document on group riding prior to riding with others.



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