Ready to ride?

Wow – 35 members and only 15 chances left to become a Founding Member of NEODESMO!   We can’t wait to hit 50 members and submit our application to Ducati, so our Club Members can receive all of the benefits of being an official DOC.

With the support of both area dealers and a growing network of riders, especially on Facebook, we are destined to be an amazing community of Italian bike enthusiasts!  
We are determined to make this an enjoyable experience for all of our Members, starting with the decision to not charge dues and make membership free.  Our passion for Ducati runs deep and we can’t wait to share that with all of you.
We have almost finalized all of our events and have a few more great ideas from our Members in the works! You will get all of the details at our Launch Party on Wednesday, April 17th at Northern Ohio Ducati and Triumph at 6PM.   See you there!



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